Friday, December 21, 2012

Joseph and Anna Belle Marlow Revisited

Joseph H. Marlow
Courtesy of Deb and Larry S.

Anna Belle Bosomworth
Courtesy of Deb and Larry S.

I have just come into some more material about my great grandparents, Joseph H. Marlow and Anna Belle Bosomworth, courtesy of Deb and Larry S., my cousins. This is the kind of data that you hope to find, but never dream that you will. Thank you so much, Deb and Larry! According to a narrative, written by one of Joseph and Anna Belle’s granddaughters, Joseph joined the Royal Navy at the age of twelve. After a number of years of naval service in Britain, he came to America and then joined the U.S. Navy. He apparently then homesteaded in Nebraska. (I have not yet been able to verify any of this independently, but will keep you updated).

According to the story, Joseph “had no intention of being bitten” by one of the many venomous snakes which abounded on his property, so he “befriended” a bull snake for his protection, and kept it in the attic of his “little house on the prairie”. He was able to “entice” Anna Belle to dinner at his homestead. (It is not clear what she was doing in Nebraska, particularly as it is two states away from Illinois, where she was brought up). The bull snake made an appearance during dinner, and Anna Belle, “a city-bred gal of the 80’s”, “flounced out of the place and headed straight back to Illinois to the security and safety of the Bosomworth household, safe in the arms of Mamma”. (I suppose the writer might have been referring to Jacksonville, Illinois, near which Anna Belle was born, which is the county seat, but more of a town than a “city”).

Anna Belle Bosomworth as a child
(author's collection)

He eventually persuaded her to come back, but she won out, since they were married in Illinois, all of their children, pictured below, were born there.

The Marlow Children (courtesy of Deb & Larry S.)
Maud, Fred, Winnifred, William, Lena, Joseph (Tom), Dollie & George

I don't know the dog's name.

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