Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! And a look ahead

Happy New Year, everyone! Today, I’d like to share what My Descent into Descent will bring in 2013.

First of all, there is the Wright family of Connecticut and New York on my father’s side. Boyd states in his Annals of Winchester, “The Wrights were a highly intelligent, studious family; supporters of religion and good order, and earnest patriots in the revolutionary struggle”. They also appear to have been descended from minor nobility in England. In the beginning of my research, I spent most of my time on my American lines, as I was not able to make very much progress on all the others. A great deal of American genealogy and history has been documented, so it was relatively easy to start by following the bread crumb trail left by others. This does not mean that the American side of my tree has not been a fascinating puzzle, because it has. I had to break new ground on the more recent generations on Melvin J. Hart’s lines, particularly as his father John Hart did not get as much “ink” as his forebears. In the process, I discovered the Wright family, my favourite family on my tree so far. They are Melvin’s mother’s mother’s family, and I hope to share more about them in the New Year. They participated in history, such as the first battle of the Revolutionary War and Ticonderoga, the creation of counties in New York, invading Canada and being transported to Australia for the trouble of it, being elected to a State legislature, general pioneering, and being part of the Underground Railroad. I am excited to tell their stories.

I also hope to share with you the process of exploring my German roots. As I have said before, other researchers have done much work on these lines before me, but I still need to sort out the data for myself and learn more about German genealogy. My Hessian soldier four times great grandfather awaits—Johannes Carl Muenck, also known as John Monk. I also hope to find out more about my Irish/Manx/Scottish folks. They are the most challenging people on my tree due to the apparent lack of data. I am also likely to share what I know and what I will find out about the French Huguenots on my mother’s side. My sisters and I have shared an interest in France and the French language, so it has been wonderful to confirm that we indeed have our own French lineage, as my grandfather William Sanderson always claimed. In fact, I have neglected his mother’s side so far, so maybe I will do some blogging about it soon.

I have several other items on my family history “to do list” for this year, and I hope to share the process of exploration with you more. For instance, I have got to get to the local cemeteries to take some pictures of grave sites. My initial few stabs at exploring the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver has turned up nothing, so I am hoping to use the iPhone app to find those elusive graves. In addition, there may be a “family history road trip” or two in my future, and if there is, I intend to blog from the road. I am also in the midst of trying to prove my lineage from Jeremiah Hart, one of my Revolutionary War patriot ancestors, to the satisfaction of the Daughters of the American Revolution. This is proving more challenging than I expected, i.e. needing to find those primary documents. I hope to share the process of this with you, too.

I am sure many of the new records I obtain will find their way here. I do make small changes in my blogposts as new information comes to light, so it is worthwhile to re-read posts you like from the past. If a large amount of new data or something more significant comes my way, I am more likely to do a new posting on the subject. It pays to use the “search” feature to find material on subjects or people of interest. Remember, if you are interested in my sources, check out my public tree on Ancestry if you have subscription, or ask me for them. I feel that including extensive source citations would preclude me from writing an almost daily blog.

These are but some of the topics I hope to write about in the coming year. If you have a request, let me know. I have already made some decisions about the content of my blogposts based on the level of interest shown in this blog. I was very pleased to hear that some of my father’s mother’s descendants were enjoying what I was writing about their side of the family, and therefore I wrote more about it. I also included some of the material they provided. I hope to write more about the Marlows, Bosomworths, and Smiths due to the interest shown.

An important goal of mine is also to connect with more living relatives, near and far. If you are reading this, are related to me, and have not yet connected with me, please feel free to use the contact information provided, and I will be sure to reply. Maybe we can help with each other’s genealogical puzzles, share information, or just help each other to learn more. I would also love to hear from my non-related readers. Please email me or leave a comment if you would like.

All the best for accomplishing your own goals in 2013, and for a happy and prosperous New Year, as we step out beyond the end of Mayan Calendar!

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