Thursday, April 4, 2013

Herbert John Sanderson in the Mountain View Cemetery

Herbert Sanderson 1872-1937
Mountain View Cemetery
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Here is the second of the three graves I visited at the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia over the weekend. Although it is now difficult to read as it has become worn over the years, it is the headstone of Herbert Sanderson, 1872 to 1937, my great grandfather. I found it in the shade of tree. It is the first headstone I have ever seen in the shape of a heart, which is lovely and touching. According to the cemetery records, his wife and my great grandmother, Phoebe Sanderson (nee Green), 1876 to 1946,  is also buried in the same plot, but I looked around and could see no separate headstone for her. Therefore, this appears to be her headstone, too. I will look again when I return. 

You can find the memorial I have created for Herbert at:

(This blogpost has been brought to you in honour of "Tombstone Thursday", and marks the first time I have used a common "blog prompt" to create a blogpost).

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