Wednesday, April 3, 2013

William and Alice Sanderson in the Mountain View Cemetery

William and Alice May Sanderson
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to share with you this photo I took on the weekend of the headstone of the grave of my grandparents, William Sanderson and Alice May Sanderson (nee Saunders). This was my third visit to the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, and the first time I have had any luck finding the graves of my family members. Twice last year I went armed with maps, but I never knew how difficult it could be to find the graves you are looking for in a large city cemetery. This time I utilized the “iCemetery” app for the Mountain View Cemetery, and although my iPad is not 3G, I was able to take screenshots of the locations of the graves beforehand, and these led me to finding three graves. I plan to go back to find more in the near future. I have never been one to visit cemeteries prior to getting into genealogy, but I am glad that my research has led me to this. It is quite moving to pay your respects in this way. I could not help but have the whisp of a feeling that the visit was appreciated.

You can pay your respects virtually at the pages I have created for William and Alice. If you create a free account for yourself, you can leave virtual "flowers" and a note without having to disclose more of your identity than you wish to.

For Alice Sanderson:

For William Sanderson:

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