Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mark Sanderson, The Chestnut Horse Inn and The Railway Hotel

Pewter Tankard,  one pint, likely pre-1878,
 from the Royal Oak Inn, Helpston.
Photo courtesy of Shirley M.

(My thanks go out to my English cousin, Shirley M., for providing this photo and the one below of pewter tankards from the Royal Oak Inn, Helpston, which the Sandersons operated from about 1916 to 1929 after leaving the Railway Hotel).

Pewter Tankard, 1/2 pint, from the Royal Oak Inn, Helpston.
Photo courtesy of Shirley M.

My weekend foray into vintage British newspapers has helped to solve a mystery—how did my great great grandparents, Mark and Phoebe Sanderson, end their proprietorship of the Chestnut Horse Inn in Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire to take up the running of the Railway Hotel in Helpston? I found a handful of newspaper items which show the process of Mark’s license being up for renewal, its being denied,  and then the sale of Chestnut Horse Inn:

from the Stamford Mercury, May 1, 1908

from the Stamford Mercury, May 29, 1908
and finally:

from the Stamford Mercury, September 18, 1908

(It is wonderful to have a description of the premises). My English cousin, Shirley M., in reading these, noticed that the owners of the Chestnut Horse Inn, “Messrs. G. and H. R. Hunt, Brewers, Stamford”, also were the owners of the Railway Hotel, where the Sandersons were to live and work next. She remarked that they may not have had much of choice about moving to Helpston, as they were likely transferred there by their employers. She stated that it must have been a "worrying time" for them, as it had not been many years before that the farm they were renting in March, Cambridgeshire was sold, and they had needed to move to Deeping St. James.

(For a further discussion of Mark and Phoebe Sanderson's lives, please see my blogpost, Phoebe Sanderson of the Royal Oak Inn).

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